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Easing the process of separation

There are many issues to consider in a divorce. We can help you sort through your options and protect your rights. From cases involving Mediation, to cases involving Alimony and Spousal Support, the attorneys at Sobero Law Offices help ease the often times complicated process of separation.

  • Mediation - This form of alternative dispute resolution is used to settle disputes                                  between divorcing spouses.

  • Father's Rights -  Fathers have every right to participate in their children's lives. If you feel that your rights are being denied, we can help you gain the access you seek.

  • Grandparent's Rights - Grandparents have a right to see their grandchildren. Let us help you develop a visitation schedule to ensure you can be a part of your grandchild's lives.

  • Child Custody - We will fight for your right to see your children and ensure they get the support they deserve.

  • Child Support

  • Visitation

  • Restraining Orders

  • Alimony and Spousal Supprt - Permanent, temporary, rehabilitative or transitional.

  • Annulments - Annulments are available in select circumstances. Let us review your case and see if you qualify.

Settling disputes in a respectful manner

Expertly finding the right level of support for you.

Save time and money with our guidance

Limit the stress involved in going through a divorce when you seek our knowledge and expertise.

Call or visit Sobero Law Office today to receive a low to no cost consultation.


We can also provide guidance and representation in Pre-Nuptial and Post-Nuptial Agreements, as well as Community Property.

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